The new-look Nissan Terra has been out for quite some time already. It was launched in the Middle East as the X-Terra, but it's not exactly the version we might get here. That's because the model over there has a gas engine, along with other minor spec changes. At least we know what the popular SUV will look like once it lands here.

We're looking forward to the arrival of the updated SUV here. At the same time, we also have high expectations for it, given that it impressed many despite being late to the mid-size SUV party. However, that didn't mean the Terra was perfect from the start. Here are five improvements we want and expect in the facelifted version.

5 improvements we want for the 2021 Nissan Terra image

Better refinement

If there is one thing the Terra needed, it was heaps of refinement. Regardless if it was the top-spec VL 4x4 or the base EL 4x2, the SUV was rather loud inside. On cold starts, it sounds like, well, a truck. It doesn't help that you need to rev it a little bit higher to squeeze more power out of it, making it even more of a racket inside. A fair bit of vibration makes its way through the accelerator, too. Should Nissan improve NVH (Noise-Vibration-Harshness) levels, it will give the Terra a more pleasant driving and riding experience.

5 improvements we want for the 2021 Nissan Terra image

Improved brake feel

Braking is another area that needs improvement. From our last road test, we pointed out that the pedal engagement was on the spongy side. Because of that, you have this feeling that you weren't scrubbing off speed fast enough. Granted, brake feel isn't the forte of pick-up-based SUVs, but it doesn't have to be the norm. We also wish Nissan will fit the Terra with disc brakes at the back. It is 2021, after all.

5 improvements we want for the 2021 Nissan Terra image

Premium cabin materials

These truck-based SUVs are not luxury vehicles. Nonetheless, you still pay millions to get your hands on one. You also want to feel like a million bucks (well, Pesos) when you get inside one of these SUVs. This is why the Terra has to step up when it comes to cabin materials. We want less hard plastics in there.

While we know what the new dashboard looks like, we don't know what it will feel like. No, we're not expecting leather-lined dash tops or door panels, but we would prefer more premium materials in the new Terra.

5 improvements we want for the 2021 Nissan Terra image

Add a telescopic steering wheel

Getting comfortable behind the wheel starts with a good driving position. Gone are the days of fixed steering wheels and flat seats. Finding the ideal driving posture is easier now than ever. However, we think the Terra could do with a telescopic steering wheel. With that feature, drivers with shorter arms don't have to stretch out too far to reach the steering wheel.

Driver's side grab handle, please

A grab handle sounds like a trivial thing to complain about, but having an extra one in the Terra makes a difference. That's because the Nissan SUV does not have one for the driver's side. That makes ingress from the driver's side a little more challenging, especially for those who are not exactly gifted with height. It's a minor detail, but it's helpful for those who need it.

5 improvements we want for the 2021 Nissan Terra image

It seems that it won't be long before we get the updated Terra in the country. The SUV was recently spotted in Thailand, hinting that its regional debut isn't too far away. With the way things are going, a late 2021 or early 2022 launch is possible in the Philippines.