We already know just how much the top-of-the-line Suzuki XL7 will be once it officially arrives in the country. We also know that like the Ertiga MPV, Suzuki Philippines will source the SUV-style XL7 from the company’s Cikarang Plant in Indonesia.

Just recently, the company launched the all-new XL7 over in Indonesia.

2020 Suzuki XL7 launched in Indonesia, is PH next? image

Revealed during the 50th anniversary of Suzuki in Indonesia, the new seven-seater features a bold and dashing design inside and out, and comes with a multitude of features and amenities that families can enjoy.

With Suzuki Philippines looking to launch the new seven-seater locally (and soon), we list down some of the niftiest features that could make its way to the Philippine-spec models of the XL7.

1. LED Headlights

It goes without saying that good night-time visibility is always a must. Luckily, the XL7 is available with LED headlights. Not only do they illuminate the road better at night, they also make the XL7 more visible to other motorists for safer night-time driving.

2020 Suzuki XL7 launched in Indonesia, is PH next? image

2. 200mm ground clearance

With its SUV-like styling and stance, the XL7 is longer, wider, and taller than the Ertiga MPV. More importantly however, the XL7 comes with higher ground clearance. Unlike the Ertiga which only has 180mm, the XL7 has 200mm which means it can go over rough patches of road better, and wade through low-flooded streets with ease.

2020 Suzuki XL7 launched in Indonesia, is PH next? image

3. Front cupholders with A/C vents

No we're not kidding, the XL7's front cupholders do come with A/C vents which can keep your drinks from getting warm. This feature that was first introduced on the Ertiga and it looks like Suzuki decided to bring it to the XL7 as well. And should you want to keep your coffee from getting cold, you can set the A/C to blow hot air instead. Just make sure that you don't end up sweating inside the car because of the heat.

4. 12V power sockets across all rows of seats

In this day and age where almost everything can be done by phone, having a charger handy has become a must. To keep everyone's phone fully charged inside the XL7, Suzuki installed 12V power sockets in each row. That means the driver and front passenger, the second row occupants, as well as those at the very back can keep their phones (and other devices) juiced up.

2020 Suzuki XL7 launched in Indonesia, is PH next? image

5. Rearview mirror with dashcam function

It pays to always have a dashcam inside your car which can record whatever is happening on the road. It can serve as an unlikely witness in cases where you'll need it the most. The XL7's 'smart e-mirror' can do just that. Unlike conventional rearview mirrors, the e-mirror doubles as a dashcam which can record events on the front and back sides of the vehicle. This does away of having to install and set up an aftermarket dashcam system.

6. Up to 803 liters worth of cargo space

What good is a seven-seater if it cannot carry sizeable amounts of luggage or cargo, right? As much as the XL7 is a people carrier, it also needs to pack a whole lot of cargo room. Luckily, the XL7 is as spacious as the Ertiga. With the third row seats folded, it has 550 liters worth of usable luggage space. Should the third row seats be deployed, the XL7 can still hold 153 liters worth of gear. But in the event you need to have both the second and third row seats folded, Suzuki claims the XL7 can lug over 800 liters worth of goods.

2020 Suzuki XL7 launched in Indonesia, is PH next? image

With the XL7 now available in Indonesia, it won't be long before the Philippines follows suit. And with a planned launch in the country this coming March alongside the S-Presso micro SUV, it could be just a short wait for all of us. Let’s just hope that the Philippine-spec XL7 is as packed as the one over in Indonesia.