Traffic in the Philippines is almost a way of life. No matter how much we try to find ways to avoid it, we tend to get stuck in it one way or another. For many drivers, traffic is an everyday situation - and with that, here are some things to remember when you find yourself trapped in traffic.

1. Slow and steady

Even in practically static traffic, it is always best to proceed with caution. Although it may be tempting to step on that gas, many objects, pedestrian, or other vehicles may appear out of your line of sight. You might be in a rush, but remember that safe and slow is the key.  

2. Get away from distractions

Traffic does not mean that you should be unaware of your surroundings. Despite the traffic, there are still possible dangers on the road. Avoid texting and driving at the same time. 

3. Turn on your indicators

This is very important especially since you are presumably in close contact with a lot of cars. Let the vehicles beside and behind you know where you are going so you can move freely and avoid being the cause of more traffic. 

4. Stay in your lane

As much as possible, stay in one lane. Since you are in close contact with other cars, they may not predict where you are going and likewise, you cannot predict if other vehicles will be moving towards you. Only change lanes when it is really necessary. 

5. Observe safe trailing distance

Traffic in the Philippines is not necessarily the prettiest sight - usually, drivers have a habit of observing a bumper-to-bumper distance with one another. Keep a three-second safe distance between you and the car in front you as a precautionary measure. If you can still see the rear wheels of the car in front of you, that’s a good sign that you are maintaining a safe distance.

6. Keep your cool

No one wants to get stuck in traffic, but unfortunately for many of us we don’t really have a choice. So while it’s tempting to throw a white-hot road rage because of the unmoving cars in front of you, having a calm mind is always a better disposition. And a calm mind always starts with a full stomach - that is why Rapide Auto Service Experts set out #DriveOutHunger to hardworking drivers who seemed stress and tired.

With a good mind and a happy tummy, it’s now time to #DriveInHappiness for drivers on the road. 

Despite the traffic, there’s always a reason to be positive on the road. And Rapide is committed to spreading out ways on how we can have a better experience on the road.