DPWH completes work on 600-meter Maddiangat Bridge in Nueva Vizcaya

Locals living in the municipalities of Quezon and Kasibu in Nueva Vizcaya can now get to their destinations easier and safer. This comes after the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) recently opened the Maddiangat Bridge.

Located in the town of Quezon, the new road link replaces an old and dilapidated bridge which was damaged when the town was struck by heavy rains and flashfloods. With it, motorists and locals can now cross between the towns of Solano and Quezon safely even during heavy torrential rain or in times of floods.

“Locals are now reaping the benefits of the newly-completed Maddiangat Bridge which provides 2-minute land travel access to and from Solano and Quezon towns even during heavy rains and flashfloods,” said Mark A. Villar, Secretary of the DPWH.

Prior to the completion of the Maddiangat Bridge, locals and travelers had to take a 30-minute makeshift boat ride to cross the Magat River. With the new bridge open, the DPWH claims that 60,000 locals will benefit from the road project.

The Maddiangat Bridge measures a total of 600 meters and is composed of 8 spans from end-to-end. In addition, it benefits from slope protection, embankment, and grouted riprap which is designed to make the bridge more durable with higher elevation.

Vehicular traffic along the roads in Bambang, Kasibu, Quezon, and Solano are expected to improve thanks to the opening of the Maddiangat Bridge.