Since the Fast and Furious franchise was started in 2001, there have already been a total of eight films released. Filled with high-perforance cars and action packed scenes, the franchise has been a big hit all over the world. It also appeals to a wide range of audiences ranging from young kids to adults. With the next installment set to premiere in 2020, an animated series will first show on Netflix this coming 2019.

For now there are barely any details regarding the show, its actual name, and release date. What we do know is that the story revolves around Tony Torretto, following the footsteps of his cousin Dom. He and his friends are then recruited by a government agency in order to inflitrate a racing league, which poses as a front for a crime organization planning to take over the world.

Apart from the short description, DreamWorks Animation only released a photo of two animated cars as a teaser. From the looks of it, the cars do not appear to be official licnesed unless they are just extremely modified versions of an actualy vehicle.

DreamWorks Animation will be handling production of the Fast and Furious animated series. A writer and a producer of other DreamWorks shows such as Voltron: Legendary Defender and The Penguins of Madagasca will be the showrunners of the series. Vin Diesel, Neal Mortiz and Chris Morgan, who serve as producers of the live-action film, will also also serve as executive producers of the animated series.

The new animated series is expected to capture a new set of audiences, further expanding reach of the Fast and Furious franchise.