The Datsun brand is officially making its comeback to the automotive world after an announcement made in March of 2012. The first product introduction will be a car aimed for the Indian market, and eventually rolled out to other emerging markets like Indonesia, Russia and South Africa. Although the company says models will be individually developed for different markets, the concept will follow a common inspiration.

Datsun subcompact hatchback for India

Datsun has revealed a stylized rendering of the upcoming model which is a 5-door hatchback very likely built on an old Nissan Micra platform as it is rumored to be powered by a 1.2-liter 3-cylinder from the Micra. Fuel economy, and cargo room will be the intrinsic quality of the vehicles, which is very important for the target market. It is expected to against cars like the Hyundai i10, Mitsubishi Mirage, Suzuki Celerio, and Toyota Etios.

"Datsun will bring competitive products and services, modern and aspirational, while at the same time reassuring, providing superior value and specifically developed for the emerging and ambitious new Middle Class in high-growth markets. The Datsun cars will be locally developed with the support of Nissan Motor Company engineers and stylists and will be locally produced," said Vincent Cobee, Head of Datsun.

The brand has just launched its new website However, brand and product information will only be available after July 15th.