The New South Wales Police Force in Australia has just gotten a huge upgrade in their police vehicle line up with the addition of a new Honda Civic Type R. However, don’t expect it to show up and start chasing after ‘hoons’, speeders, or street racers anytime soon though. Honda’s hot hatch, despite the complete NSW law enforcement livery, is not intended as a pursuit vehicle, but will mainly be used for show.

Honda Australia donated the Civic Type R to the NSW police force for 12 months. Within that duration, the FK8 will be used for the police’s Eyewatch social media initiative, which encourages the public, especially the youth, to be more comfortable and active when interacting with the police. The car will also tour schools and public events across New South Wales during its year with the police force.

A Honda Civic Type R joins the police force in Australia image

“The eye-catching design of the vehicle will hopefully be a great conversation starter while on display and get more people, especially younger people, more comfortable with approaching their local police,” said Assistant Commissioner Joe Cassar APM, Commander of the NSW Police Force Capability, Performance and Youth Command.

Since the Civic Type R is essentially a rental from Honda, it is unfortunate that we won’t get to see it on the news chasing down the bad guys. Surely those who plan to break the law would have a hard time getting away from the Civic Type R's 2.0-liter turbocharged engine which produces 300 PS and 400 Nm torque. 

“The Civic Type R has been engineered from the ground up to deliver the most rewarding driving experience in the hot hatch segment. It has proven to be immensely popular with customers, enthusiasts and the motoring media, so we’re positive the NSW Police Force will find it to be a great community engagement tool,” said Honda Australia Director, Stephen Collins.