While mid-engined sports cars sounds like exotica, there was a time where one could get mid-engined thrills for a sensible amount of money. Hyundai wants to revive that idea, at least from the standpoint of their performance division chief.

Albert Biermann heads the N Division, a specialized branch of Hyundai that focuses on making hot versions of their cars. It started out with the i30N but now, they want to take it up a notch by building a totally new car from scratch, one that is mid-engined.

Hyundai has toyed with the idea a few times with the RM Concept. There have been three iterations of the car so far. The first one was based on the Veloster while the second one featured more mechanical updates. Most recently, the RM Concept was spotted testing around Europe, and most significantly, it appears to be a production model already. It is reportedly riding on an all-new platform as well. So how did this project come to fruition?

Speaking to Top Gear UK, Biermann told the magazine that he has greater freedom in the Korean company. He mentioned that, back when he was still in BMW, he had to 'fight like crazy' to get a project approved. Over at Hyundai, the executive said that he is 'welcome to do whatever I need to do'. Essentially, Biermann has free reign over the performance division.

While there are now test mules on the road, Biermann said that their work is far from over. It might take a couple more years before it comes out but seeing on-road development, the project is greenlit by the looks of things. In the meantime, the Hyundai N Division will be coming up with other cars tweaked by the in-house tuning division. Biermann hasn't mentioned which will get the N treatment just yet, but he mentions the range will grow in the coming years.

Source: Top Gear UK