Two Shelby GT500s on a carrier crash onto the highway

It looks like the new owners of two brand new Shelby Mustang GT500s might have to wait for their deliveries a little while longer.

Apparently, a heavy-duty pick-up truck that was hauling the two muscle cars crashed on a Detroit Highway. Now while the two GT500s appear to still be mounted on the loading bed, they might have incurred some damages when they hit the pavement.

For starters, the green GT500 appears to have a huge wing at the back which might have been badly dinged when the car fell. As for the silver GT500, aside from the fact it might have receive several scratches on its side, its front end might have ended up impacting the quarter panel of the pick-up truck once the carrier stopped moving after it fell.

We don't exactly have the details as to what happened, but based on the position of the pick-up, it looks like the truck carrying them jack-knifed. This resulted in the carrier itself falling onto the road, causing the (expensive) road mishap.

With the Shelby Mustang GT500 having a base price of around $73,000 (not including the destination fee and gas guzzler tax in the US), this means that the two cars have a combined value of around $146,000 (around Php 7.384 million). Add to that the damaged pick-up truck and carrier, plus the possible damages to property, and we may be looking at a total accident damage that could reach Php 8 million or more.

Hopefully, nobody was seriously injured when the crash happened. And as for the damaged vehicles, it looks like the two can be repaired easily. But seeing these high-performance machines laying on their side is still a sad sight to see. We hope these thoroughbreds can be repaired and still be delivered to their owners without much delay.