We all know how difficulit it is to get from one place to another in Metro Manila. Traffic has become so bad that some times, most folks have to wake up in the early morning just so they can make it to work on time.

But how bad exactly is it? Well according to Waze, it takes about 4.9 minutes to drive one kilometer in Metro Manila during heavy traffic. This data was taken last September 2019, beating out the 3.8 minutes it took to travel one kilometer back in April of the same year. With these kinds of figures, Metro Manila may have the world's worst traffic congestion.

This is worse than Bogota, Colombia which is at 4 minutes per 1 kilometer; and Jakarta, Indonesia's 3.83 minutes per 1 kilometer. Sao Paolo, Brazil and Tel Aviv, Israel, meanwhile, have an average of more than two and a half minutes for every kilometer.

But will Metro Manila's traffic conditions become better in the future? Sadly that is not the case as Waze claimed that it will only become worse as the Christmas holiday rolls in. And with more car buyers having to drive rather than commute, Waze expects to see a 16% jump in kilometers driven and a 10% increase in its 1.6 million active users over the peak of November and December.

There was also a change when it comes to traffic spikes in Metro Manila. Back then, there were only two massive traffic spikes in a day, morning rush and evening rush. But since motorists nowadays try to fit more trips in-between to make the most out of their drive, there is now no dip in traffic even during the midday.

With Waze themselves stating how bad our traffic condition is, this only serves as another reminder how congested Metro Manila traffic really is.