ACEA has signed a cooperation agreement with the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) in Beijing. This cooperation agreement will allow both sides to exchange information on automotive industry trends in China and Europe and, particularly in China, to work more systematically on a coordinated approach regarding regulatory developments of common concern.

ACEA Secretary General, Ivan Hodac, welcomed the agreement as an important milestone in the ACEA activities in China. CAAM Senior Deputy Secretary-General, Shen Ningwu, agreed that the time was right to strengthen the cooperation between the two industry associations by establishing a more formal exchange mechanism.

CAAM as well as ACEA are committed to promoting the sound development of the automotive industry in China. CAAM, founded in 1987, is the Chinese nationwide association grouping enterprises and organizations engaged in the business of automotive, motorcycle, components and related industries. ACEA established a presence in China in 2004, to represent the shared views of its member companies on regulatory developments, towards Chinese stakeholders in government and industry.