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Affordable performance from MOTUL


Affordable performance. In the pursuit of providing the consumers with the best value for money, and as a response to the requirement of automotive manufacturers for a high performance oil for their cars, MOTUL created the H-TEC 100 Fully Synthetic Oil. As an industry pioneer in synthetic oils and backed by the expertise of its research laboratories in Europe and Asia, MOTUL H-TEC 100 10W40 was developed to provide lubrication for modern day sophisticated engines, while assuring fuel savings and automotive efficiency.

H-TEC 100 is an oil with excellent anti oxidation properties preventing premature thickening and ageing due to thermal stress. Its high performance anti-wear additive increases engine life duration and decreases wear by reducing engine internal frictions resulting in smooth and light acceleration. H-TEC's anti-deposit and anti-black sludge power help maintains a clean engine, and also has properties for anti corrosion, anti-foam properties that protects both the oil and engine from unwanted elements the car accumulates from usage. H-TEC 100 is suitable for standard leaded or unleaded gasoline, LPG powered cars, and for city and/or highway driving conditions.

MOTUL H-TEC 100 10W40 retails for Php380 a liter. "We positioned this product in such range to introduce the performance of a true synthetic oil to all motorists, and for average consumers to appreciate our products," relates Carlos Gono of Autoplus Sportzentrium, the exclusive distributor of Motul oil and lubricants in the Philippines.

Known for its humble beginning as a whale oil trader in the 1850s, MOTUL continuously develops its products using its technological advancements in the racing arena to address the demands of the automotive industry, its customers and the environment. In formulating oils universally approved by Automotive Manufacturers (OEMs) and exceeding the standards set by Industry Classifications (API, ACEA), all that comes from a MOTUL container is sure to be top grade, premium quality, and high performance oil.

Autoplus Sportzentrium is open for product assistance and/or dealer inquiries and can be reached at 233 EDSA (southbound), Mandaluyong City or through phone at 726-3066, 726-0399 and email,
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