Last April, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) officially brought back the L300 workhorse that helped made them a household name. Discontinued last year due to stricter emission regulations, it was able to make a comeback after Mitsubishi re-engineered the model to accept a new 2.2-liter Euro4 compliant turbo-diesel engine.

Mitsubishi, however, did not state yet as to when customers can start reserving for one, as well as what will be its starting price... until now that is. Four months after they reintroduced it, Mitsubishi dealers across the country are now accepting reservations for the 2019 L300. This is good news as plenty of customers have already expressed interest in ordering for one.

After discount, 2019 Mitsubishi L300 to start at Php 770,000 image

But you might be wondering as to how expensive the new one will cost? Well after contacting several dealers, the new L300 will supposedly start at Php 822,000 for the cab & chassis model. Meanwhile the new 'Exceed' body style will apparently retail at Php 998,000. Pricey they may be, those that are interested in actually getting one will be glad to know that there's a Php 52,000 discount waiting for them at dealers. That means the Cab & Chassis variant will start at Php 770,000 while the Exceed may begin at Php 946,000.

The pricing means the L300 would be very competitive against the Kia K2500 (Php 910,000 - Php 998,000) and the Hyundai H-100 (Php 945,000 - Php 1,230,000).

As mentioned from before, the L300 now has a new engine called the 4N14. It's the same engine that is seeing use in other Mitsubishi models across the globe including the Delica D5, Eclipse Cross, as well as the ASX. No output figures have been revealed yet by Mitsubishi, but they did say that it now produces 40% more torque and is 10% more fuel efficient. A five-speed manual gearbox is the lone transmission option, and yes, it's still a column shift.

After discount, 2019 Mitsubishi L300 to start at Php 770,000 image

In addition, Mitsubishi also increased the cab height of the L300 by 100mm. This was done in order to improve driver visibility according to the automaker. Size-wise, the new L300 Exceed will supposedly measure 4260mm long, 1695mm wide, 1895mm tall and will have a 2350mm wheelbase. Ground clearance, on the other hand, is rated at 195mm.

What other changes did Mitsubishi made to the 2019 L300? For the Exceed body style, it will now have dual airconditioning, spray-on bedliner for the rear cab, new sliding windows, gutterless roof, reshaped side panels, as well as bigger taillights.

Set to arrive in the Philippines some time in September 2019, we may not have to wait for long for the return of the Mitsubishi L300.