From 1952 up until today, Aguila Auto Glass has continued to stand strong in the automotiv glass industry. In fact, the group recently celebrated their 65 years in the market, and did so by giving back to the those less-fortunate at Bahay Maria.

To give a brief background, Bahay Maria is home and family to street children, many of whom are babies for adoption, toddlers, children and youth from Metro Manila and other nearby provinces. Bahay Maria provides children with basic, essential needs such as shelter, food, clothing, safety and security, medical attention and hygiene. Furthermore, its programs provide quality education, values and spiritual development, and social welfare and empowerment to help keep children off the streets.

It was originally founded in 1984 by the Assisi Development Foundation. Sharing the same mission as the founders to care and secure a bright future for the homeless children, Aguila Auto Glass has continuously supported Bahay Maria since 2005.

Aguila Auto Glass celebrates 65 years at Bahay Maria

During their founder's day celebration, Aguila Auto Glass took the time to honor its founders Atty. Lauro C. Aguila and Maria G. Aguila last June 16 2017. Coinciding with the occasion was the commencement of the Development Therapy Program, co-pledged with Aguila Auto Glass. The new program will be undertaken in the months of April and May, and would further benefit those in Bahay Maria.

Leading Aguila Auto Glass' merriment and festivities in the event were Josephine Aguila-Borromeo, Sophia Borromeo-Mirasol, Maria Teresa Reyes, and Fionna Marie Borromeo-Casilan.