Philippine Eagle Foundation firmly believes that the fate of our vanishing Philippine Eagle, the health of our environment, and the quality of Philippine life are inextricably linked. They are therefore committed to promote the survival of the Philippine Eagle, the biodiversity it represents, and the sustainable use of our forest resources for future generations to enjoy.

The Philippine Eagle Foundation said that it focuses on the great Philippine Eagle not only to recover its dwindling populations, but also to protect its forest habitats and ensure the sustainable use of the forests’ bounties for the people.

Through their conservation breeding program, the foundation hopes to augment the species' dwindling population by releasing captive bred eagles back to their natural habitat. To date, the foundation has successfully produced 25 captive-bred eagles.

Widely recognized for its accomplishments in the conservation of the Philippine Eagle, the foundation continues to grow with its strong science-based programs and people-oriented strategies.

Deforestation and continued human persecution are among the main reasons why there are fewer eagles left in the wild. The Foundation employs holistic and multi-stake holder approaches to address these problems. By working with many organizations and people from all walks of life the Foundation hopes to take the Philippine Eagle off the endangered species list.

The Philippine Eagle Foundation said that they are grateful to have the Aguila Auto Glass on their team, as they have been supporting their mission and vision since 2009. More than the partnership and co-branding, the years of unceasing support from Aguila Auto Glass inspires the foundation to move further.