Aguila Auto Glass, the country's leading automotive glass company since 1952, honored its founders Atty. Lauro C. Aguila and Maria G. Aguila last August 17, 2015, in celebration of Aguila Auto Glass Founders Day. Josephine Aguila-Borromeo and Ferdinand Aguila led Team Aguila Auto Glass in celebrating this occasion with the children of Bahay Maria in Makati City.

Aguila Auto Glass extends support to local orphanage

Founded in 1984 by the Assisi Development Foundation, Bahay Maria has been providing home and shelter to street children for over 30 years. Many of its occupants are babies for adoption, toddlers, children and youth from Makati, Tondo, Antipolo and Bulacan. Bahay Maria provides these children with basic needs, such as shelter, food, clothing, safety and security, medical attention and hygiene, while its programs provide quality education, values and spiritual formation, social welfare and empowerment and the promotion of cultural activities to help keep the children off the streets.

Team Aguila Auto Glass has been supporting Bahay Maria since November 2005, sharing their mission to care, provide and secure a bright future for homeless children.

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