The pandemic has brought trying times to all businesses and industries in the country. Many had to change and adapt to survive this year alone. But if there’s one thing that made any well-established brand withstand all the hardships, it is its products’ quality.

Aguila Auto Glass has remained atop its industry as the leading choice for replacement automotive glass and even industrial glass needs. Its parent company Universal Glass Co., Inc. (UGCI), has made sure that Aguila puts forward consistent, reliable products for all of its clients. But really, what backs their claim to being the best in global standards of quality and service in their industry?

That is behind the fact that UGCI has been a registered trade and business partner of CRIF Dun & Bradstreet Philippines (CRIF D&B Philippines) since 2018. CRIF D&B Philippines provides the Philippine business community with solutions from sales, marketing, risk management, supply chain, and data management. CRIF D&B Philippines helps businesses grow by identifying potential risks associated with dealing with customers, vendors, employees, and other stakeholders.

In 2018, CRIF, a global company specializing in credit bureau, business information, and credit solutions, acquired D&B Philippines as part of its expansion in strengthening CRIF’s industry-leading position in the ASEAN Region. This global strategy has allowed CRIF and D&B Philippines’ customers and partners to access the best local and global data, leading to the growth and success of a business.

CRIF D&B Philippines essentially handles the first layer of supplier accreditation for big companies such as Ayala, Meralco, and other prime nationally-established businesses. Accreditation with D&B means that the accredited company passes strict, international standards and can supply an impressive portfolio of buyers that rely on D&B to screen potential suppliers, reinforcing and providing transparency of each member companies’ status, credit, and risk scores, reliability, and the like.

A permanent DUNS Number and DUNS hyperlink badge in a member companies’ official communication forms is an assurance of that company’s adherence to global standards of quality and service. As a member company of CRIF D&B Philippines, UGCI complies with the standards of CRIF D&B Philippines to mitigate risks and ensure productivity and sustainability even in the most uncertain of times.

It’s been said that let your actions, in this case, your products, do the talking. While Aguila Auto Glass and UGCI have always been confident with theirs, it’s good to know that a recognized body can prove that they do have top-notch products, indeed.