Electricity, fuel cell, hydrogen, hybrid technology are all viable propulsion options being explored by automakers around the world but there has been one developer that has been working on using compressed air as means to power a vehicle.

MDI has been developing the AirPod for the last twenty years and in fact has already come up with two trims, the Standard and Cargo versions that could be available for private or commercial lease by the middle of the year.

The AirPod runs solely on compressed air using an inline 2 cylinder reversible compressed air engine with variable valve timing and puts out 10 HP and 45 Nm of torque.

It is a four-wheeled 4-seater (3 adults, 1 child) with a 3-speed automatic transmission that uses kinetic energy recovery during braking.

Top speed is 80 kilometers per hour and has a range of 130 kilometers if travelling at speeds of 30-50 kilometers per hour.

The AirPod is propelled after compressed air is expanded to release energy.  Refilling the ‘tank’ can be done at any gas station that offers ‘air’ to fill up tires and will only take three minutes.

It only weighs 617.3 pounds due to the composite sandwich fiber glass/polyurethane foam body

The AirPod is priced at a little over $10,000 or Php 446,010 and may be available by mid-2015 after receiving a $5 million investment from Robert Herjavec thru the show Shark Tank.