Ford Philippines announces its biggest fleet sale for the Ford Fiesta so far this year it turns over 22 Fiestas to Air21, a leading total logistics firm that specializes in freight and cargo forwarding services under the Lina Group of Companies.

"We at Air21 aim to provide quality freight and cargo forwarding services to our customers. With the Ford Fiesta, our sales and management teams can be assured of safe and reliable vehicles that meet their daily transportation requirements across the nation," says Alberto Lina, Chairman of the Lina Group of Companies.

Known for being aggressive innovators in their respective industries, Air21 and Ford Philippines both continue to seek customer solutions and are recognized for their quality products and services.

"This marks the beginning of a new and successful partnership. As a delivery and logistics provider, Air21 requires reliable transportation to meet their growing customer demands," says Randy Krieger, FGP President.

"And Ford can meet those demands with our wide range of products that are leading in quality, fuel efficiency, safety, smart design and value," added Krieger.

The successful Ford Fiesta

Launched at the end of 2010, the all-new Ford Fiesta quickly became a favorite of a wide range of Filipino customers. The Fiesta had its most successful month to date in December 2010 when it became the best-selling hatchback in the Philippines.

"We are very delighted with the performance of the all-new Fiesta in the local market. It has won approval from Filipino consumers and we remain very optimistic as the rest of the year unfolds," says Krieger.

"Air21 choosing the all-new Fiesta for their team testifies to the confidence our partners have in our delivery of vehicles that are of high quality and enduring value. The Ford Fiesta truly represents a stylish and technologically advanced car with best-in-class safety features in its segment," Krieger concluded.