The last time we heard of the 8C name was with the limted-run, front-engined 8C Competizionze sports car in 2007; when Alfa Romeo re-introduced the name from its 1930's race car. After production of the 8C Spider was finished in 2010 however, the name has remained dormant. Now, the Italian manufacturer is bringing back the 8C name not as a front-engined sports car, but as a mid-engined, two-seater supercar.

Alfa Romeo recently confirmed the 8C's return during an investor's presentation of Fiat Chrysler's five-year plan. As expected, details regarding the 8C are still scarce for now. However, per the powerpoint slide, the 8C will use a carbon fiber monocoque chassis and sport a sleek, aerodynamic design. It will be powered by a twin-turbo engine and be assisted by a front-axle mounted electric motor. Combined, the 8C is expected to produce over 700 PS and do 0 to 100km/h in under 3 seconds.

Alfa Romeo set to bring back the 8C, GTV name plate

Should you happen to fancy an Alfa Romeo coupe instead, the company also confirmed the return of the GTV – short for Gran Turismo Veloce – nameplate on an upcoming 2+2 model, likely the Giulia Quadrifoglio coupe. In fact, looking at the photo shown, it does have similar design characteristics as the current Giulia sedan albeit with only two doors and concept styling.

The GTV is set to have a 50/50 weight distribution and have more than 600 PS thanks to 'E-Boost', which is likely a hybrid system. Power is then sent to all four wheels via an all-wheel drive system with torque vectoring. It is also somewhat practical as it can still seat four.

Both the 8C and the GTV are expected to debut by 2022. That is if Alfa Romeo decides to build both these vehicles and not just remain a powerpoint presentation.