Geely says you'll be breathing in cleaner air in their cars

Starting this month, Geely announced that all their models now come with what they call the G-Clean Intelligent Air Purification System. Geely says this was done in response to the coronavirus and they are doing their part to, at the very least, minimize the epidemic's rate of infection.

According to the manufacturer, their new IAPS system was developed in just 20 days in reaction to the onset of the 2019 Coronavirus which has affected large areas of China. They added that their engineers worked non-stop with suppliers to bring the concept from the drawing board to future production vehicles in record time and will be seen in production cars from March 2020.

The new cabin air filtration system on Geely vehicles are said to have the same level of air filter as an N95 respiration system. This was made possible by active carbon chemical filters and a negative ion generator built in to the system. The combination of these is claimed to effectively absorb harmful gases such as formaldehyde as they enter the vehicle. It is also able to filter out irritating odor and harmful pollutants once they are detected by the automatic system. The negative ion generator then sterilizes and deodorizes in-vehicle pollutants and aim to remove in airborne viruses, bacteria, fungi, and molds, just to name a few.

But Geely isn't stopping at this level of cabin air filtration. The company just invested in 370 million Yuan (approx. Php 2,690,461,839 at current exchange rates) to develop more effective air filters in their vehicles. The addition of G-Clean Intelligent Air Purification System is part of the first phase of bringing cleaner air into their vehicles. For the second and third phase, Geely will be partnering with leading medical agencies and material companies to develop clean materials for interior and exterior parts such as buttons and grab handles which may harbor harmful bacteria and viruses. In essence, they want to make their cars as sterile as possible.

Geely first announced this feature in the newly-launched Icon compact crossover. At the same time, the automaker has also donated 150 Geely Jiaji MPV’s equipped with G-IAPS to frontline workers battling the Coronavirus epidemic across China.

While the development of an air-purification system in cars seems reactionary to the current situation, it's still a noteworthy bit of progress for a feature that isn't commonly given an overhaul.