German automaker Mercedes-Benz recently revealed the futuristic cargo hauler, the eTruck concept ahead of its world debut at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover, Germany. With this concept vehicle, the company aims to create an absolutely environment friendly vehicle that can transport cargo in short distances.

A look at the eTruck Concept's soft curves

Starting with the exterior, the eTruck's design is similar to Mercedes-Benz recent Vision Van concept. Both vehicles show a futuristic design of the commercial vehicle by incorporating softer curves instead of the usual sharp lines. Also, instead of side mirrors, it gets a pair of cameras. They also featured a front grille which comes with customizable LEDs.

Inside, it features two tablets. The first tablet is a 12.3 inch screen that shows the battery's level of charge, vehicle speed, and navigation directions. The second tablet shows the driver the necessary informations he needs to know regarding the delivery route.

A look inside the Mercedes-Benz's eTruck concept

The Urban eTruck is capable of delivering immense powe through a pair of electric motors adjacent to the wheel hubs. The two motors produce a total output of 340 PS and 1,000 Nm of torque. Mercedes-Benz says that they are thinking of a modular battery pack that companies could modify according to their needs. This will allow companies to fit the truck with a smaller battery for a shorter delivery distance. The company also said that they plan on creating extra room if the hauling company decides to add another electric motor for additional power.

The tablet inside the Mercedes-Benz eTruck concept

Lastly, it can operate in three different modes depending on the driver's driving; namely Auto, Agile, and Eco. On a standard journey, the vehicle is set to Auto, effectively regulating the energy consumption of the truck. Meanwhile on Agile mode , full power is made available which can be useful in hilly regions. On the other hand, the energy saving Eco mode is best suited for those that prefer to maximize range.