Next-gen Integra will be a 5-door hatchback with a manual

The Integra is one of the most highly anticipated models of 2022. No, not the rebadged Honda Civic that was recently launched in China. But the all-new 5th-generation Integra Acura will be revealed sometime next year.

So far, there are very few details about the vehicle. What we do know is that the upcoming Integra will feature styling cues from previous-generation models mixed with the brand's current design language. Based on the teasers, it will have the INTEGRA words stamped on the front and rear bumpers; a homage to the 3rd-generation (DC1/2) Integra. More interestingly, Acura says the model will debut as a 5-door hatchback instead of a 3-door coupe as most people expected it to be.

But one thing people are wondering about the upcoming Integra is the powertrain. Most suspect it will be similar to the current-generation Civic or Civic Type R. While there is no word from Acura yet, they did confirm something else – the transmission. In a cool teaser video, Acura revealed that the 5th-gen Integra will be available with a proper 6-speed manual gearbox just like its predecessors.

The short video, which you can watch above, shows all generations of the Integra in line with the gear changes. Aside from the VTEC noise of the Integra Type R, we did notice that the center console of the upcoming Integra is different from that of the 11th-generation Civic. The shifter sits on the right side, while the controls are on the left. No handbrake lever here either – it's been replaced by an electronic parking brake.

All-new Acura Integra will have a manual transmission image

Another noteworthy detail is the color of the shift knob. It's silver and red, identical to the Integra Type R. The stitching on the shift knob itself is red too. However, the shift boot does have white stitching instead of red.

Honda has yet to officially reveal the powertrain mated to the manual transmission in the all-new Integra. Whatever the case, we're excited that the automaker is committed to keeping the stick shift around.