It looks like the rumors about the eventual return of the Dodge SRT Viper will remain as rumors. Yes, the Viper will not be revived anytime soon according to Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne.

During the recent Fiat-Chrysler Capital Markets Association presentation, Marchionne told reporters that the company has no plans yet on making another Viper. Aside from the fact that the last Viper did not sell well, it would cost FCA a pretty penny to make a working prototype for an all-new Viper.

As for its powertrain, the next-gen Viper will supposedly make use of a smaller all-aluminum V8. But Marchionne stated such an engine would not work on the two-door roadster like the Viper. Plus, a European-derived V8 or V6 will not match the raw character of the iconic roadster.

All-new Dodge Viper not yet in the pipeline – Marchionne

Does this mean the Viper is gone for good? Not exactly. FCA is still open to the idea of making an all-new model that will meet current safety regulations, as well as appeal to customers and enthusiasts. But if they are, indeed, serious in reviving the Viper, they would have to seriously consider bulding one that will still deliver a thrilling driving experience without the problems of the previous generation.

Here's to hoping that the new Viper will still come with a V10 engine that is capable of pushing out more than 600 horsepower.

Source: Road & Track