Genesis may be a new brand in the luxury segment, but parent company Hyundai is pulling out all the stops to make it a serious player in as little time as possible. While the first Genesis models were mostly rebadged versions of existing Hyundai models, the new wave of models are from it.

It started with the G70, the brand's first standalone car and was followed by the new-generation G90 sporting a new corporate look. After that, it was the GV80, their first ever luxury crossover. Now, they've made a totally new, built from the ground up, and dramatically redesigned G80.

Whereas the soon to outgoing G80 was a spruced up Hyundai Genesis sedan, the second-generation adapts a sleeker, more coupe-like exterior. It also has the new design language which was kicked off by the G90 flagship sedan and GV80 crossover. There's a huge hexagonal grill taking center stage at the front, flanked by split headlights on each side.

All-new Genesis G80 looks like an absolute stunner image

In fact, that 'two-line' theme carries over to the sides with its fender turn signals. From that view, there's a clearer picture of its coupe-inspired roof line. Genesis tried to even tried to give it a pillar-less look by blacking-out the door frames. There's minimal detailing on the sides with only a strong character line above the door handles and a gentle, upswept curve to give it some flair.

All-new Genesis G80 looks like an absolute stunner image

On to the rear and that downward slope is only broken by the kicked-up trunk lid. The tail lights also follows the theme set by the front and side with its split tail lights. The name Genesis is proudly spelled out at the center of the trunk and the opening itself appears wide. Like some luxury coupes, the license plate holder is at the bottom while the tailpipes echoes the look of the front grill with its hexagonal shape.

All-new Genesis G80 looks like an absolute stunner image

Inside, it adapts a wraparound cockpit which sees the door panels seamlessly integrating with the top of the dashboard. Its double-layer dash on the other hand has little in the way of sharp angles, employing gentle curves instead. Right in the middle is one of the widest infotainment screens available out there, measuring in at 14.5 inches. Instrumentation comes courtesy of a fully digital display and, as one would expect in a luxury vehicle, wood and leather is strewn all over the cabin. The full equipment list is yet to be released by Genesis.

The same goes for the engines. While the powertrain options are still at this point, it's safe to say that it will be getting some of it from the GV80 crossover or G70 sports sedan. If that's the case, the base engine could either be a 2.0-liter turbo with 255 PS or a 2.5-liter turbo making 300 PS. Six-cylinder options also seem to be a must in the mid-sized luxury car class so a boosted 3.5-liter V6 making 375 PS might be in order. That 3.5-liter V6 is also used in the GV80 crossover.

Will the all-new G80 be offered here? Until the Genesis luxury brand arrives in the country, the odds of this coupe-like luxury sedan landing here are slim to none. Still, it's quite a dramatic transformation for Genesis, starting out with rebadged Hyundai cars to building unique models in less than five years.