With its sleek lines and aggressive styling, it's difficult to believe that the current-generation Honda Civic is already hitting its fourth year in production. It was a huge leap from its predecessor and was far from an evolutionary redesign. But now it seems this revolutionary Civic won't be long for the world.

By next year, it will be five years old. If you've noticed the Civic's generation life cycles, an all-new model is due next year. We say that with certainty as Honda themselves have confirmed this. when American Honda Motor Co., Inc. that broke the news. The company even said when they will be unveiling it, which is in “Spring 2021”.

While it's not an exact date, it does give us a time frame. In the U.S, spring is from mid-March to mid-June, which is about the second quarter of 2021. With that, the next Civic could be revealed at the 2021 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). NAIAS is the first major international auto show even in the U.S, and its organizers have moved it from January to June in 2021. With that, June 2021 could be its likeliest debut unless Honda decides to make a big launch of their own at an earlier date.

For now, Honda isn't mentioning many details surrounding the future Civic. However, they did say that the high-performance Si model will make it another generation. As for the Type R, Honda hasn't mentioned anything about it just yet. Honda recently discontinued the Civic Coupe, so it seems that the current generation will be the last of these two-doors. The hatchback, on the other hand, will more than likely continue. After all, the hatchback is the more popular (and favored) body style over in Europe, which is another significant market for Honda.

The Civic is one of Honda's most important products, being part of the line-up since 1972. Over the years, it has grown from being a subcompact economy hatchback to a wide variety of models and body styles available today. The launch of the eleventh-generation will be no different, and just as important as the previous ones. We raved about the current tenth-generation model when it first came out here in 2016, so a lot is riding on the 2021 model.