Lexus teases next-generation GX SUV

For the first time in over a decade, Lexus will launch a new posher twin of the Land Cruiser Prado.

The Japanese luxury manufacturer has teased the upcoming all-new GX SUV. So far, Lexus only revealed two images, but it's enough to give hints that the GX will have a beefier look with more chiseled lines.

Other details of the all-new GX have not been revealed yet, and what will be interesting is which platform will the GX use. For now, the SUV is unlikely to have a unibody structure as Lexus already teased the upcoming TX crossover SUV.

All-new Lexus GX SUV is almost here image

This means Lexus is likely to continue offering the all-new GX in a body-on-frame setup. Currently, the TNGA-F platform is used by full-size SUVs and pick-up trucks in the Toyota / Lexus lineup. If the GX utilizes that platform, then we're likely to see the GX become a much bigger SUV.

Moreover, since Toyota CEO Koji Sato said the Lexus brand will lead the auto giant's electrification plans, the all-new GX SUV may even come with a new hybrid powertrain.

Of course, all these speculations will be put to rest once the all-new GX arrives in 2024.