Toyota Yaris Hybrid rebadged as Mazda2 Hybrid for Europe

Mazda has just revealed an all-new hybrid hatchback and it looks sleek and sporty. But wait a moment, doesn't it resemble a certain five-door hatch from Toyota? That's because it is indeed based on the said model.

Say hello to the 2022 Mazda2 Hybrid, and it's essentially a rebadged Toyota Yaris Hybrid. It's actually the latest outcome of a long-standing collaboration between Mazda and Toyota. It will be an OEM supplied model by Toyota Motor Europe and will be added to Mazda's European lineup as the brand's own vehicle.

All-new Mazda2 Hybrid is a Toyota Yaris in disguise image

Starting with its looks, Mazda did not bother to make exterior changes on the hybrid hatchback. The only revisions the automaker made was swapping out the Toyota badges for Mazda ones. This means it gets the same stylish look like the original Yaris sold by Toyota. And depending on the model chosen, the Mazda2 Hybrid can roll on either 15- or 16-inch alloy wheels.

Powering the Mazda2 Hybrid is a 1.5-liter naturally-aspirated three-cylinder engine that makes 93 PS. It is then paired with a 59kW electric motor, resulting in a total system output of 116 PS. Despite producing less than 120 PS, Mazda says the hybrid hatch can go from 0 – 100 km/h in just 9.7 seconds and hit a top speed of 175 km/h. More importantly, it has a claimed average fuel consumption of 26.3 km/l and will only emit 87 g/km of CO2.

All-new Mazda2 Hybrid is a Toyota Yaris in disguise image

The all-new Mazda2 Hybrid is set to be available in Europe starting in Q1 of 2022. It will join the battery-electric Mazda MX-30, and the M mild hybrid-powered Mazda3, and CX-30 models.

Don't expect the Mazda2 Hybrid to make its way to the Philippines, however. That's because the Yaris that we get is based on the Vios. Meanwhile, the Yaris Hybrid offered in Europe actually uses a different platform.

All-new Mazda2 Hybrid is a Toyota Yaris in disguise image

Still, if Toyota actually wants to offer more electrified models here in the country, the Yaris Hybrid might do nicely here.