Soon, Mercedes-Benz will officially be taking the covers off the next-generation GLA. In fact, a few weeks ago the automaker released several teaser images of the crossover, albeit wearing camo livery. Despite the disguise, however, we were able to see that the new GLA appears to have a new look, and is slightly taller than before.

Now just several days before its eventual debut, Mercedes-Benz released new teasers of the next-gen GLA. Unlike last week's set which only consisted of camouflaged photos, this time they were a bit more generous.

First up is a peek of what it will look like in the metal. Based on the design rendering, the new GLA heavily resembles the A-Class (from which it is based on). From its overall shape, tailgate design, as well as the rear bumper and exhausts, the new crossover will most likely share its appearance with the hatchback.

All-new Mercedes-Benz GLA looks A-Class image

Apart from that, the automaker also showed a glimpse of the GLA's new interior. Much like the A-Class, it was no surprise that it featured similar, if not familiar design elements from the hatchback and from other models. From the aircraft-inspired vents, digital instrument cluster, MBUX infotainment, and the reshaped steering wheel, the GLA could also end up with the 'avant-garde' style interior.

As mentioned before, Mercedes-Benz claimed that the new crossover will be shorter in length, but will offer more legroom at the back. In addition, Mercedes-Benz also mentioned that the GLA will be taller by more than 10 cm, translating to better headroom and a higher driving position.

No specific engines were mentioned by Mercedes-Benz. But given that both the A-Class and B-Class come with a turbocharged engine across the range, the GLA will likely follow suit. The all-new GLA will be revealed this coming December 11, 2019 in Germany.