Mitsubishi has busy years ahead of them in the next couple of years. Not only are we expecting the next-gen Strada, Xpander, and Montero Sport, they also have four more models coming in. However, there was one interesting omission in their ASEAN launch timeline.

There were no sedans or hatchbacks. More specifically, the Mirage wasn't included in the company's business plan. Does this mean Mitsubishi isn't planning a next-generation Mirage? After all, this is a very important model for Mitsubishi, and leaving it out raises some eyebrows. If so, that leaves Mitsubishi without a subcompact sedan and hatchback.

All-new Mirage isn

Before we jump straight to that conclusion, let's take a look at a few possibilities. In their presentation, their launch plans were mapped out until the end of 2023. There is a (slim) possibility that it might come out in 2024 or later in the decade. However, the present Mirage will be 12 years old by then. That doesn't exactly make it competitive in a tough crowd.

However, there is also a chance that the Mirage will undergo a dramatic change. A few years ago, Mitsubishi said they will concentrate on building and developing crossovers and SUVs. That opens the possibility of it becoming a budget subcompact crossover. It's a hot market at the moment, and we're certain that Mitsubishi doesn't want to miss the opportunity to capture that segment. They don't have any sub PHP 1 million crossovers at the moment, so it should be an enticing option.

If they go for the second option, it will be another Mitsubishi model that changes its body style. They did it the first time with the Eclipse and turned it into the Eclipse Cross. With more crossovers in the pipeline, we might expect other nameplates to be revived for these high-riders. How does the name Mirage Cross sound to you?

All-new Mirage isn

Either way, the Mirage needs a full model change. The current generation has been around since 2012, and there have been no significant technical updates since. It received a mild facelift in 2015 and a more comprehensive one in late 2019. However, we have yet to see the new-look Mirage in showrooms. By the looks of things, we might not expect it anytime soon, either. A source from Mitsubishi Motors Philippines said there is no word from management yet.