The Nissan Juke has been around since 2011 but people still haven't stopped talking about it, particularly, its looks. Like it or loathe it, the Juke's centerpiece was its styling, drawing either ire or admiration from those who see it on the road. Now, there's a new one coming, at least according to Nissan design chief Alfonso Albaisa.

But hold on, didn't the Nissan Kicks replace the Juke? Apparently not as Albaisa's team have spilled some details on the next-generation model, which could be out by mid or late 2019. Albaisa spoke to Autocar UK and said that the second-generation Juke won't look too much like the current model. His statement is open to interpretation and he isn't quite saying if it will be just as revolutionary (or polarizing) as the current Juke, or if it will be even more radical than before.

He did say that it won't look like or draw inspiration from the past concept cars from the brand. It won't look like the IMX electric crossover concept revealed during last year's Tokyo Motor Show, nor will it resemble the all-new Leaf, said the chief designer. Albiasa went as far as saying that the next-gen Juke will look like 'An urban meteor with a nasty attitude'.

We don't exactly know what he meant by 'Urban meteor with a nasty attitude' but it is possible that the Juke will have radical styling for its second iteration. On the flipside, Nissan has seen the success of the Juke and might not want to mess with the quirky styling formula too much. On that note, Albaisa said that the second one cannot be 'derivative' or too 'evolutionary', acknowledging that styling is one of the Juke's major talking points.

Albiasa wouldn't tell Autocar UK when the all-new Juke will be previewed as a concept just yet. However, the British publication reports that a concept will be revealed this year and production will follow by 2019.

Source: Autocar UK