Nissan has been in a rough patch these past few years. However, the company is putting all of that behind them. Instead, the automaker is looking towards the future, a very green one that is.

The company announced that it has set a new goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Twenty-nine years may seem like a long way to go, but the automaker still has a lot of work to do before reducing its carbon footprint to zero.

All new Nissan vehicles will be electrified by early 2030s image

One of the ways Nissan plan on being carbon neutral is by electrifying every vehicle in its lineup. In an announcement, Nissan says all-new vehicles sold in key markets will be electrified by the 2030s. So in less than ten years, expect to see more electrified Nissan models making their debut.

Do note, however, that the company specifically said “key markets”. These markets are Japan, China, Europe, and the United States. As such, don't expect to see the same all-electrified lineup in other countries, including the Philippines.

All new Nissan vehicles will be electrified by early 2030s image

To achieve carbon neutrality, the automaker also plans to innovate the manufacturing and assembly process of vehicles. The process includes the use of recycled materials to build new vehicles, reducing the plant's carbon footprint. The automaker will further develop the e-Power electrified powertrains to achieve greater energy efficiency and focus on battery development.

“We’re determined to help create a carbon-neutral society and accelerate the global effort against climate change. Our offering in electrified vehicles will continue to expand around the world, and this will make a major contribution to Nissan becoming carbon neutral. We will continue to drive innovation that enriches people’s lives as we pursue a sustainable future for all,” said Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida.

All new Nissan vehicles will be electrified by early 2030s image

Nissan has already been pushing for electrification for some time. Aside from the all-electric Leaf and Ariya, the automaker also has numerous e-Power models sold around the globe, one of which might even be coming to the Philippines – the Kicks e-Power.

With Nissan's announcement, expect to see more e-Power models and EVs in the future. Who knows, the next GT-R and even the Z could get some form of electric assistance as well.