Land Rover is on a roll in the Philippines. After moving to a new distributor, the British luxury 4x4 manufacturer is keen to release more new models for the local market. So what's next for them? That would be the all-new Range Rover Evoque.

Now, the car itself isn't here just yet, but the SUV was 'virtually launched' during the Manila International Motor Show over the weekend. The 'baby Range Rover' will make its official debut in the metal later this year. But nonetheless, the sneak preview shows a luxury 4x4 packed with technology for on and off-road use.

Baby Rangie: Range Rover Evoque coming soon to the Philippines image

For starters, the Evoque has what's called the ClearSight ground view camera. This feature sees the car installed with a front camera for a better view of what lies ahead. In off-road applications, ClearSight allows the driver to see obstacles and, therefore, make the necessary adjustments when taking on challenging terrain.

Not only that, this feature also has on-road applications. For example, the camera can be activated in tight spots that require precise maneuvering. With an unobstructed view out front, the driver can then accurately judge distances and prevent damage to the vehicle. 

Baby Rangie: Range Rover Evoque coming soon to the Philippines image

There's also the Active Driveline with Driveline Disconnect, along with Terrain Response 2. Terrain Response 2 automatically detects the surface being driven on a adjusts the set-up accordingly. Not only that, the all-new Evoque can now wade through waters up to 600mm. To retain a smooth ride, the Evoque also features Adaptive Dynamics which constantly adjusts the suspension depending on conditions.

For now, Land Rover Philippines has yet to mention what engine we will get for our market. What is certain is the all-new Evoque coming with mild-hybrid technology. Abroad, both gas and diesel variants come with this tech to maximize fuel economy.