It's difficult to believe that the current-generation Suzuki Celerio is already five years old. If you count the year it was first shown, Suzuki's bite-sized hatchback will turn six later this year. That makes it ripe for a redesign, don't you think?

Turns out, Suzuki had the same idea because it looks like they're getting ready to release it. Indian automotive website Motor Octane was able to snap what they claim to be the third-generation Celerio.

If you take a look at the spy shots, the small hatchback is still heavily camouflaged. That makes it difficult to tell what changes Suzuki has done to the car. However, given the way it's covered up, it doesn't look like a minor facelift. They went to great lengths to hide the panels of the car. Since it's also the first time the new Celerio has been spotted in the wild, there is little information about it as well. However, there are a few things we could expect once the car is revealed.

Next-generation Celerios could slightly bigger than the present model since these cars tend to grow with every redesign. Styling could also take some cues from the bigger Swift with sharper lines and angles. Then again, Suzuki does give each of their models a clear, distinct look from one another. What we could count on is a new interior since the Celerio has had a different design with each generation.

As for engines, we doubt it will have an engine larger than 1.0-liters or have more than four-cylinders. It's designed to be more of a city runabout with fuel economy as a top priority. A diesel could also be one of the engine options for the next-generation Celerio, but only for India.

With this latest development, Suzuki is getting ready for its first all-new model for the 2020s. While there is no definite launch date just yet, it could be revealed within the next 12 months. For now, though, we'll keep a lookout for more information about this little hatchback.