Full model change Avanza slated for release after Raize

Yesterday we published an article that the Toyota Raize, a Daihatsu-derived subcompact crossover, will be arriving in the Philippines in February 2022. That was based on the information we got from a contact that gave us a sneak peek at the rollout plan of Toyota for new models.

Well, the Raize wasn't the only thing that caught our eye with that list. There's another model on the way, and it will follow the Raize by just a month. It's the all-new Toyota Avanza.

PH launch of all-new Toyota Avanza planned for March 2022 image

Based on the calendar, Toyota Motor Philippines is planning to introduce the new generation Avanza in March 2022. That means it will be introduced here in our market to the waiting arms of thousands of customers just about four months after they pulled the wraps off at the world premiere in Indonesia last November 10.

Toyota Avanza arriving Q1 image

By the time Toyota Motor Philippines launches the model (barring any external factors like the parts shortage), it will replace the second-generation Avanza that has proven to be a force in the market. While sales have still been strong, the 9-year old second-generation Avanza is showing its age, and customers have been moving towards other small seven-seaters in the market like the Mitsubishi Xpander, Honda BR-V, and even the taller Toyota Rush. The new model with an entirely new design seeks to upend that order.

As for specifications and the actual features, that information is still unavailable. However, we can already determine the major specifications of the model. For starters, the engine options have remained the same. The lower grade models will have the 1.3-liter Dual VVT-i engine with 98 PS and 121 Nm of torque, while the higher grade variants will have the 1.5-liter Dual VVT-i engine that has 106 PS and 137 Nm of torque.

Yes, both of the engines are carryovers from the previous model, but what is truly interesting is that Toyota has finally closed the book on the outdated four-speed automatic. After 15 years in the Philippines, the Avanza will finally get a more efficient CVT. The 5-speed manual will likely be available in the lower grade variants only.

Toyota Avanza arriving Q1 image

And Toyota has also ditched the rear-wheel-drive platform with a (semi) body-on-frame construction. Instead, this is a new unibody with a front-wheel-drive platform. Adopting such a platform means customers can expect better space inside and more car-like comfort depending on the tuning of the suspension. Toyota has also tweaked the 7-seater to include a long sofa mode; that will be interesting to try out once the model debuts in the Philippines.

Some of the features available in the Indonesia market models (it's made over there after all) include a push-button ignition system, tilt/telescopic steering adjustment, a manual mode for the CVT, a digital A/C system, USB charging ports, 16” or 15” wheels and more. The biggest bit of news is the extensive list of safety features that the Indonesia version has like the availability of a 6-airbag system, ABS, stability control, and even Toyota Safety Sense. It is likely that the high grade variants will also get things like lane departure assist, pre-collision system, blind spot monitoring, and even a pedal misoperation system; yes the anti-SUA safety feature.

PH launch of all-new Toyota Avanza planned for March 2022 image

As for price, there is no word yet, but we expect a significant price increase across the board. That holds especially true if Toyota opts for a variant with TSS. We expect to know more about what the all-new Avanza will come with (including the Veloz, if it arrives at the same time) when closer to the launch date.