The Toyota GR86 gets a mean makeover courtesy of Pandem

Earlier this year, Toyota and Lexus tuner TOM's revealed a modified GR86. While it's hard to tell, the tuner put overfenders, stylish new alloy wheels, and larger disc brakes. But beyond that, the sports car pretty much still looks the same.

But famous Japanese body kit maker Pandem believes they can do something better for the GR86. Instead of going for a subtle look, they went all out in modifying the two-door.

Rocket Bunny GR86 image

Beginning with the front, the GR86 gets a slightly smaller grille that features an open-intake design. Meanwhile, there are canards on the corners of the bumper which help divert airflow towards the rear. Other key changes present include an air duct on top of the grille and a new front splitter that aids in aerodynamics.

In true Rocket Bunny fashion, Pandem put flared wheel arches that come with a “cut-off” appearance above the wheel well which gives it a more aggressive look. For additional eye candy, the wider flares at the back have exposed fasteners that show how it was installed on the body.

Rocket Bunny GR86 image

Pandem also worked its magic on the GR86's rear thanks to a sportier bumper, and a new wing with down-turned edges that suit the modified bodywork.

The Rocket Bunny Kit for the GR86 is now available for order in Japan although prices have yet to be revealed. But knowing how extensive the kit is, expect to pay a premium to upgrade the GR86's looks.

Rocket Bunny GR86 image

Do you think Pandem made a good-looking kit for the Toyota GR86? Or did it ruin the original lines of the car? Let us know in the comments section.