A few months after its global debut, the new-look Toyota Hilux will be launched locally in a matter of days. At the moment, there have been local spy shots of the popular pick-up, as well as a few pieces of information here and there. Now, we can tell you what the variants and prices of the 2021 Hilux are.

From a reliable source, we can confirm our initial report of a major shake-up in the local Hilux range. The 4x4 2.8 G variants have been dropped, replaced by the Conquest 4x4 models. The 4x4 Conquest A/T starts at Php 1,830,000, which is Php 22,000 more than the outgoing model. For the six-speed manual version, it retails for Php 1,755,000, making it more expensive by Php 77,000 from the current Hilux.

All PH variants and prices of new 2021 Toyota Hilux image

The Conquest 4x2 models also get a price increase, but not as much as the 4x4s. Prices for the two-wheel drive, manual transmission Conquest start at Php 1,380,000, which is up by Php 12,000. The 2021 4x2 Conquest automatic is priced at Php 1,455,000, also up by Php 12,000 from the 2020 model.

All PH variants and prices of new 2021 Toyota Hilux image

Moving to the 4x2 G, the price for the six-speed manual variant is at Php 1,220,000 while the automatic is priced at Php 1,295,000. These prices are unchanged from the current Hilux.

For the Hilux E, the 4x4 option has been dropped, leaving the 4x2 as the lone variant for this grade. That model is priced at Php 1,113,000, an increase of Php 67,000. Meanwhile, the Hilux J gains a four-wheel-drive option, and you can have it for Php 1,148,000. If you don't need traction to all four wheels, there's still the Hilux J 4x2, now at Php 952,000, up by Php 13,000.

Here are the rest of the prices for the 2021 Toyota Hilux:

FX 2.4 Dual A/C: Php 1,057,000 (+Php 14,000)

FX 2.4 Single A/C: Php 1,029,000 (+ Php 14,000)

Cargo: Php 936,000 (new variant)

Cab and Chassis: Php 843,000 (+ Php 14,000)

*Emotional Red is a Php 20,000 paint option

All PH variants and prices of new 2021 Toyota Hilux image

Engines are likely to be carried over from the 2015-2020 models. That means we have a choice of either 2.8-liter (exclusive to Conquest 4x4) or 2.4-liter turbodiesel engines. However, we're told that the power rating of the 2.8-liter might be the same as before, so we might not get the more powerful 204 PS versions sold in Thailand and Australia. The only time we'll know whether we got the upgraded engine is when the pick-up is launched on September 12.