We'll go out on a limb here and say that this is the story you've really been waiting for.

Toyota Motor Philippines is set to launch the Toyota Vios this week, and many have been asking about the specs, variants, and prices of what could easily become the best selling new car in the country.

Now while we are waiting for the actual debut this coming Friday, AutoIndustriya.com was able to get a copy of the back of the brochure of the all-new Vios, which you can see below. Yes, the term all-new is somewhat unusual especially since we don't expect much changes in the mechanical department, but all-new is exactly what Toyota is calling this Vios. 

2018 Toyota Vios

The biggest change with the Vios is the overall design. Toyota Motor Philippines opted to retain the Vios name instead of following Toyota Motor Thailand's lead when they chose to name the model as the Yaris Ativ.

Based on the brochure spec sheet, the all-new Vios will now have 6 distinct variants, starting with the 1.3L Base model with the 98 PS, 123 Nm 1.3-liter dual VVT-i engine and a 5-speed manual; the powertrain specs are the same with the 1.3 J version. 

The two entry grade Base and J variants have actually leveled up in terms of specs. Apart from the usual features from the current Vios, both now get a new audio unit that has Bluetooth as standard.

The 1.3 E grade, as expected, comes with a few more niceties than the entry versions such as 15-inch alloy wheels (entry models have 14-inch steel rims, J has a full cap), 2 more speakers, and nicer trim pieces. The E grade also gets the better 7-inch touchscreen display audio unit with iOS and Android compatibility, as well as Bluetooth. Based on the brochure, the 1.3 E can have either the 5-speed manual or the CVT.

The 1.5 G grade is still there, and comes with the 1.5-liter dual VVT-i inline-4 motor that makes 106 PS and 140 Nm of torque. As before, the G will also come with disc brakes on all four wheels, along with projector halogen headlamps, 6-speakers, daytime running lamps, an automatic climate control system, and 16-inch wheels.

Like the E grade, the 1.5 G models can have either a 5-speed manual or a CVT. The G will have an Eco drive mode as well as a Sport drive mode; presumably to adjust the settings of the CVT, depending on how you want to drive.

There are two surprising notes with regards to the specsheet, the first of which is the addition of two new variants: the 1.3 E Prime, and the 1.5 G Prime. Both these sub variants have additional aesthetics such as front, rear, and side skirts, as well as a rear spoiler and piano black mirrors. The G Prime will only be available as a CVT version.

Perhaps the most unusual thing about the all new Vios is that all variants will be specced to the max in terms of safety. Seven airbags will be standard, along with anti-lock brakes, EBD, and brake assist. Stability control will also be standard, surprisingly.

We actually had to confirm with Toyota's personnel, and yes, they said that all variants will get these safety features; including the ones that will undoubtedly see service in taxi fleets.

The Vios will come in 9 colors, depending on the variant. The model will be assembled at Toyota's plant in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

Prices are still not available; we expect the prices to be released on Friday.