It looks like Manila's no-contact apprehension system is doing wonders in catching traffic violators.

According to the Manila Public Information Office (MPIO), the city's CCTV cameras have caught 14,880 traffic violators ever since the system was implemented last December. Out of the total violators caught, the city has already served 6,570 notices as of January 21, 2021.

What was the most common violation? Apparently, the city's cameras mostly caught motorists disregarding traffic signs/lane markings. Most were seen blocking pedestrian lanes, and blocking turning lanes that were designated as right-turn or left-turn only. In addition, violators were also caught beating the red light.

Think you have a pending traffic citation in Manila? Like the MMDA's 'May Huli Ba' website, the city of Manila also has a similar system online. To check, you can visit to see if you have a traffic violation that needs to be attended to.

Should a motorist happen to have a traffic violation, the notice will be sent to the vehicle owner's address via registered mail two weeks after the date of the alleged violation. These then must be settled at the MTPB main office, or designated banks and remittance centers. Failure to pay the fine means the traffic violator cannot renew their vehicle's registration, on top of additional fines.

With nearly 15,000 caught by the city's CCTV cameras, it's good to know that the City of Manila is doing something to deter erring motorists.