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An American icon celebration: Corvette C6 tours the Philippines


Rarely do icons of Americana arrive in the Philippines, whether for vacation or entertainment purposes. And when they do, they create a stir. Not just a stir equivalent to a single beehive, but rather a stir similar to a V-8 engine-powered American musclecar.

Just like the sound made by the sixth-generation Chevrolet Corvette. Recently the C6 (as Chevrolet's sixth-generation Corvette is dubbed) best-loved sportscar made a stopover in the Philippines during its Asia-Pacific tour on one rainy Friday night to awe musclecar lovers and non-automobile lovers alike.

Held at the Blue Wave Mall in Metropolitan Park, Pasay City, the sixth-gen Corvette (dubbed the C6) was the main attraction of GM Philippines' "Power, Passion, Precision" party. The candy apple-red C6 convertible on display at the Blue Wave Mall displayed a tighter, more taut, more aerodynamically efficient exterior than its C5 (the fifth-gen Corvette) predecessor, along with a new keyless entry system and a push-button ignition system. Five inches shorter than the C5, the C6 features improved anti-lift characteristics that help improve high-speed stability, the "Corvette" logo incorporated in prominent fashion within the front brake calipers, a touch-screen engine management/in-car entertainment system incorporated into the center dashboard, a removable metal top (a far cry from the C5's foldable plastic/vinyl top) and vertically mounted door handles in metal trim.

Upon popping up the unique bonnet of the C6, people merely opened their mouths and oohed and aahed at the Corvette's V-8 overhead valve (OHV) powerplant that featured the Corvette's trademark system of two pushrod-actuated valves per cylinder.

Also on display at the event were various vintage models of the Everyday Holiday Muscle Car Club and GM Philippines' current automobile lineup the Chevrolet Optra, Lumina and Trailblezar EXT. Much like the C6, the Optra, Lumina and Trailblazer are products under the Chevrolet bowtie a symbol that stands for product innovation, after sales service efficiency and customer loyalty. "GM has been making Chevrolet vehicles for almost a century and for many of those years they have been the best selling automobiles in the world. Throughout its history, Chevrolet never shied away from innovation and it shows in the Lumina, Optra and Trailblazer. These models have been doing well in the local market, which gives us incentive to continue working on expanding our dealership network and possibly, product lines," said Michael Nacua, GM Automobiles Philippines aftersales director.
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