Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI) wants to keep its customers protected not just from dust and other debris, but also from potentially harmful particulate matter such as germs/bacteria that may enter the cabin.

Recently, the automaker announced that the PM2.5 (Particulate Matter) cabin air filter is now available. The more efficient cabin filter not only collects dust and, but it can also filter out 90 – 99% of mold spores, volcanic ash, diesel/cigarette smoke, and even allergens.

Another key feature the new filter has is that can also clean the air in the cabin, and produce a higher volume of air compared to a standard cabin filter.

Honda Cars PH now offering PM2.5 cabin air filters on all models image

HCPI says that the PM2.5 cabin air filters require a once-a-year replacement, which is in line with the automaker's current periodic maintenance service (PMS) interval. Each PM2.5 cabin air filter costs PhP 859, vat included.

Available models that can be equipped with the more efficient cabin air filter include the Brio, Brio Amaze, BR-V, City, CR-V, Jazz, and Mobilio.

During these uncertain times, it's nice to see Honda willing to provide its customers peace-of-mind like the new PM2.5 cabin air filter.