In the future, there could be a faster way of getting to and from the city of Manila and Rizal. Called the Pasig River Expressway (PAREX), the proposed elevated toll road will be built to follow the 25-kilometer Pasig River which will result in reduced travel time for motorists bound for Rizal/Manila.

The elevated expressway will span a total of 19.365-km and will have a total of six lanes. The proposed expressway project is intended to start from Radial Road 10 in Manila and will end at a connection to the South East Metro Manila Expressway located at Circumferential Road 6 (C-6). In addition, the road project will also utilize a 2.7-km portion of the Skyway Stage 3 from Nagtahan to Plaza Azul.

Once the road project is finished, PAREX will be made up of three segments. Segment 1 will cover R-10 to Plaza Azul which is around 5.74-km. Then from Plaza Azul, the planned expressway will link up with San Juran River via the Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 – which will span about 2.7-km. Segment 2, on the other hand, will measure 7.325-km and will see the expressway connect from the San Juan River all the way to C5 Intersection. Finally, Segment 3 will bridge C-5 Intersection with C-6 Intersection and span about 6.3-km.

PAREX: Planned expressway over Pasig River will be a toll road image

How much will this project cost? According to the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB), the elevated expressway will cost PhP 95.413 billion to build. The TRB also estimated that it will take around 3 years for the project to be completed.

As to who will be on point for the proposed expressway, the Pasig River Expressway will be a joint project agreement between the Philippine National Construction Corporation (PNCC) and the San Miguel Holdings Corporation (SMHC).

When will construction begin? Well, the members of the TRB board has already approved of it 'in principle'. However, the building of the project has yet to officially start. Once completed, it will greatly benefit motorists that need to travel between Rizal and Manila, or anywhere else in Luzon for that matter given how PAREX is intended to connect to other expressway projects such as Skyway Stage 3.

The interesting bit is that since they will be building on top of a river, the government shouldn't have problems (theoretically) when securing rights of way.