Considering how big a company Toyota Motor Corporation is, we wouldn’t be surprised if the automaker has a few private jets in their inventory. 

But we didn't expect that one of them would be a HondaJet.

If you’re wondering how we know it is being used by Toyota, the specific HondaJet in question wears the signature white-black-red Gazoo Racing livery, making it hard to miss. Interestingly, the same jet also has the tail number JA86GR. We highly doubt that the 86 and GR on the tail number are coincidental.

Despite the Gazoo Racing livery, the plane doesn't appear to be owned by Toyota Motor Corporation themselves. According to the aircraft's data, it is owned by Marubeni Aerospace Corporation, meaning it is just on lease to the Japanese automaker.

Furthermore, it was previously registered as N420FJ and was originally owned by the Wilmington Trust Company. However, the N420FJ was deregistered on June 12, 2019, and the plane was registered with its current JA86GR tail number on June 18, 2019.

Apparently Toyota owns a HondaJet image

The plane was recently spotted at Komaki Airport in Nagoya, Japan. Needless to say, it got most of us scratching our heads. Doing a quick search on the internet leads to nothing but a few plane spotting photos of the aircraft. But considering Toyota’s headquarters is located in the Aichi Prefecture near Nagoya, it may just make sense that the plane was seen there.

For reference, the HondaJet Elite is the newest version of Honda’s 7-seater aircraft and has a range of 2,661 kilometers. This allows it to fly from Japan directly to most East Asian cities without needing to refuel. The HondaJet is known for its unique design featuring engines mounted on pylons above the wings rather than near the tail like other private/business jets. Each one comes with a price tag of USD 5.2 million (Php 263 million).

Expensive, but it beats having Toyota's top executives (possibly even Akio Toyoda himself) get around by commercial flights.