Hey Siri… Start the car.

Siri may soon be riding shotgun in your new Apple autonomous driving car. The tech giant has recently acquired Lamborghini head of research and development for chassis and vehicle dynamics Luigi Taraborrelli. 

According to Bloomberg, the supercar engineer has moved to Apple’s Project Titan. The project has been green lit by Apple’s very own Tim Cook from way back 2014 and has been in development for almost a decade. 

Since work on Apple’s first ever autonomous self-driving car started, the tech giant has been going back and forth with the line up of engineers and people working on the vehicle. News of the project has been sporadically coming up every now and then, but it seems that this move has been the biggest news to date and also has been the most credible. 

The Cupertino based company is planning on launching its electric car this 2025 and there is also news of a mini van in the works. Going well beyond the features of its CarPlay app, rumors also of the operating system of the vehicle have been popping up every now and then in the tech community. Apple has been dead silent about Project Titan but other auto executives like Tesla’s own Elon Musk and others have recognized and even commented on the initiative of Apple. 

With the American tech giant going through hiring and letting go of engineers from carmakers like Volvo, Porsche, Mercedes, Aston Martin, McLaren and even EV start ups like Rivian and Alphabet’s Waymo autonomous division, Siri may be on the road sooner than expected. Apple has always had when it comes to handheld tech, let us wait and see if they can replicate their success on electric cars and how it will be integrated into their renowned eco-system.