Apple is innovating the way we use global positioning system (GPS) navigation by filing a patent for a humanized navigation system that "provides humanized instructions that mimic a real human navigator focusing on comprehension rather than precision." This was revealed in a patent application filed by the technology company.

Compared to the existing format of GPS navigation that delivers a stern, numbers-based set of instructions (e.g. 'in 500 meters turn right,' etc..), this newly-patented unnamed Apple system will speak in a style that mimics a driving companion. 

It is designed to describe what is required, whether it's the driver's current location, a street corner or a faraway destination, using landmarks, visible attributes, road intersections and immediate surroundings.

When approaching ramps to the expressway, the humanized system will issue advanced warning so that the proper ramp is chosen and the driver doesn't end up driving the opposite way.

Approaching turns will be turned less stressful by counting down the corners before the appropriate turn is taken and also using street names to call out the turn to make the experience familiar.

Apple will also incorporate a feature that calculates the cost estimate of a reroute so that the drive is informed of the least expensive route to the destination.

This is currently under development and Apple has not revealed a release date as of the moment.