For seasoned off-road enthusiasts, getting stuck in the mud (among other things) is all part of the fun. What’s not fun, though, is when they need to get pulled out of their predicament. A winch is usually what’s needed, and ARB has decided to partner with Ford to give you just that.

With the Ranger as their platform of choice, ARB 4x4 Accessories announced collaborating with Ford that will allow them to design and develop off-road accessories and vehicle recovery parts. The first part of the kit is, you guessed it, a winch-capable front bumper.

Specifically designed for the Ranger, the bumper is crafted from welded sheet steel that is 3/16” thick, and is finished in a durable Integrit powder coat. Precision engineered to complement the Ranger’s rugged lines, and it uses existing chassis mounting points and can be installed with no additional machining required.

ARB and Ford collab for a rugged Ranger off-road kit image

The icing is that the aftermarket bumper still allows the Ranger’s original safety equipment and sensors, such as those of Ford Co-Pilot 360, adaptive cruise control, and forward collision warning, to maintain their functions. The all-new bumper is the only aftermarket steel bumper available for Ranger that meets regulatory crash test standards.

“For Ranger customers who want the ultimate adventure gear, a Ford Performance collaboration with ARB is a dream come true. With 45 years of design and engineering experience in the overlanding and rock-crawling world, ARB is bringing additional options for Ranger customers looking to make their truck even more capable,” said Eric Cin, global director, Ford Vehicle Personalization and Accessories.

“The goal of the relationship between ARB and Ford Performance is to provide Ford customers premium and functional off-road accessories that inspire personalized vehicle customization, improve off-road capability, and empower customers to feel comfortable using their vehicles – even in remote areas,” Lachlan McCann, ARB chief operating officer, also added.

The ARB bumper will be available in 2020 to the tune of USD 1495 (PhP 75,500). ARB is known for off-road aftermarket parts ranging from exterior panels, to roof racks, snorkels, air compressors, and more, and additional components for the ARB Ranger kit will be announced soon. For now, though, the winch-capable bumper will have to do. That is, if you can have someone import it for you, or if Ford PH decides to even bring it in.