ARC Refreshments Corp. (ARC) recently expanded its delivery fleet with brand new Fuso trucks and L200 Single Cab pickups from Mitsubishi Motors Phils. Corp. (MMPC). ARC is a Filipino owned company engaged in the beverage business.

With the nature of their business, it is crucial that they invest on reliable vehicles that will be very helpful in meeting their delivery targets and requirements. The company's expansion brought about by growing demand, it decided to invest in additional brand new delivery trucks and pickups. With this, the company could not afford any downtime caused by frequent delivery truck breakdown.

Since 2012, ARC has entrusted all their vehicle requirements with MMPC. Their fleet comprises of one hundred sixty eight vehicles composed of Fuso trucks and other Mitsubishi vehicles with Fuso trucks accounting for more than fifty percent.

ARC has trusted Fuso Canter trucks and other Mitsubishi vehicles as a perfect partner for their expanding business most especially today that the company has joined the ranks of major players in the beverage industry with a steadily increasing market share annually.

ARC and Mitsubishi

As a symbol of continued commitment and partnership to provide only world-class and quality vehicles that are reliable and easy to maintain, a turnover ceremony was held at ARC plant located in Antipolo City. Leading the ceremony is MMPC Executive Vice President for Marketing Mr. Junya Masuda and ARC Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Mr. Gerry Garcia. Mr. Masuda expressed his gratitude to Mr. Garcia for his trust and continuous confidence on Mitsubishi and Fuso products. Mr. Garcia was very much delighted as the fleet of new Fuso trucks and L200 were delivered to them. He recognizes that investing on Mitsubishi vehicles and Fuso trucks is essential for the success of any business. World-class beverage like RC Cola deserves only world-class vehicles.

ARC is the exclusive license holder to manufacture and distribute RC Cola as awarded by RC Cola USA. Other brands that ARC carries are Fruit Soda Orange, Juicy Lemon and Arcy’s Rootbeer.