In just a few months, Mitsubishi will be ending the production of the Pajero. It's sad news indeed, as it was one of the SUVs that defined the class. The Pajero has become an icon not just here but in many parts of the world. From posh subdivisions to the great outdoors, the Pajero would rarely be out of place.

While Mitsubishi is discontinuing the Pajero after 38 years of production, it's not too late to get your hands on one. Some dealers are even making it easier for you to drive one home.

Are Mitsubishi dealers finishing off Pajero units with Php 500k discount? image
Locally, the Pajero comes in one variant. That's the 3.2 GLS DI-D 4WD, so if you're looking for the 3.8-liter V6 gas-powered model, you're out of luck. Still, the turbodiesel Pajero is a rather pleasant SUV to drive, thanks to a power upgrade it got a few years ago. Besides, we wouldn't complain about 192 PS and 441 Nm of torque. How much, you ask? The suggested retail price of the Pajero is Php 3,000,000.

But while scrolling through miles and miles of social media posts, we saw a promotion that says you can have one for Php 500,000 less. Yes, folks, for Php 2,500,000, you can drive home in a brand new Pajero. Granted, it's a 2019 model year, but half a million Pesos off this SUV sounds like a good deal. As far as we can tell, long-time Mitsubishi dealer Diamond Motors has been pushing this for quite some time.

Are Mitsubishi dealers finishing off Pajero units with Php 500k discount? image
Yes, discounts are a way for dealers to shift old stock, so we shouldn't make a big fuss about this deal, right? Well, this is the Pajero we're talking about here. Think about it, for just a little more than the Montero Sport GT 4WD; you can drive home in one of the last old-school 4x4s out there. Sure, the Montero Sport has more modern tech, but who didn't dream of having a Pajero in their garage at some point?

With that much of a discount, it might not take long for Pajero stocks to dry up locally. Sure, Php 2,500,000 is still a lot of cash, but it's still a good deal for something with a lot of heritage.

So, where do we line up?