One iconic vehicle that sadly never had a true successor is the DeTomaso Pantera. Luckily however, it may soon make a comeback in the form of Ares Design's supercar. Officially called Project Panther, it takes on a modern day interpretation of the Pantera as we know it. In fact, even the name is a tribute as Pantera is Panther in Italian.  

Ares Design

Ares Design was founded by Dany Bahar, former Lotus CEO, back in 2014 and specializes in coach building luxury vehicles for customers who want to drive something unique. It is only now will the company be getting into the production business with Project Panther.  


Styling wise, Ares Design has done a modern-day take on the Pantera's iconic design. The pop-up headlights, the pointy nose and engine bay cover all serve as a throwback to the 70's and 80's design. Underneath it's classic design however is all modern day tech as it will be based on a Lamborghini Huracan. It is uncertain whether the coachbuilder will increase power, but the factory 5.2-liter V10 already produces 610 PS and 560 Nm.

Ares Design

Construction of Project Panther will be done at Ares Design's new factory located in Modena, Italy. As expected, the company says production numbers will be limited with deliveries expected to begin in mid-2018. For those interested in a modern-day Pantera, don't expect Ares Design's supercar to be cheap.