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Ariel supercharges the Nomad off-road buggy


Ariel to introduce a supercharged variant of the Nomad

The Ariel Atom's off-road brother will soon be available as a supercharged model after the company announced plans of making it.

The standard Honda-sourced 2.4-liter inline-four already produces 238 PS at 7,200 rpm along with 300 Nm of torque at 4,300 rpm. When fitted with a supercharger, it will be able to crank out 293 PS and 343 Nm of torque.


While the standard Nomad is priced at GBP 30,000 (about PhP 2.13 million), the supercharged variant will retail at around GBP 36,000 (about PhP 2.55 million). Those that already placed an order for a standard Nomad can upgrade theirs for the more powerful model.

However, new orders for the Nomad have a waiting time of 9 to 12 months so new customers will have to wait for a while before they'll get their Nomad.

Launched back in January 2015, the Nomad is a 670kg off-road buggy that measures 3,215mm long, 1,850mm wide and 1,425mm tall. It has a tubular body structure made from toughened polyethylene while the chassis is powder coated steel tubed frame with aluminum bulkheads.

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